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Advanced Endodontic Associates, PA

5 out of 5 stars based on 704 reviews.

Patient Review By Russell h

Great service. My wife as well is a patient of the doctor and as well is very pleased with the services provided.

- Russell h

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Patient Review By Brieanne S

I am deathly afraid of dentists and he made me feel very comfortable and was very funny to take my mind off the procedure. Would definitely recommend! Love the dental assistant too she's awesome

- Brieanne S

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Patient Review By Gail A.

After a recurring problem with a tooth I was referred to Dr. Zohn for an apico, which is a surgical root canal. I was apprehensive and quite nervous entering the procedure. Dr. Zohn and his staff immediately put me at ease and assured me that the procedure would be quick and basically painless. During the procedure Dr. Zohn explained each step of the process which also made me quite comfortable. I am so happy that I had this done and it was exactly as the doctor reported that it would be. Thank you Dr. Zohn.

- Gail A.

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Patient Review By dolly b

great experience

- dolly b

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