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5 out of 5 stars based on 894 reviews.

Patient Review By Kim D

I have severe anxiety and problems getting numb at most places. They were awesome here. I had to have 2 root canals done at separate times. Both times they made me feel comfortable and did a great job.

- Kim D

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Patient Review By Andrew H

If you need a root canal go no where else. The best of the best. I have had 3 root canals in the past and they were not nice. Dr Zohn and his assistant were the BEST

- Andrew H

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Patient Review By Michele L

Very proficient and professional

- Michele L

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Patient Review By Michael s

excellent professional service

- Michael s

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Patient Review By Daniel S

As always, Dr Zzohn and the entire staff were not highly professional and courteous.

- Daniel S

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Patient Review By Carlos Q

Leaving to Europe I fractured my molar 2 days before leaving and was in pain. Call them in the morning and they were able to accommodate me the same day. The staff, dental assistants were all very friendly and courteous. Dr Ostrometskya was fantastic. She explained what she would be doing and kept checking to ensure I was not feeling any pain during the procedure. Thank You Advanced Endodontics Associates.

- Carlos Q

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Patient Review By Rhonda K

We just left Dr. Ira Zohn‘s office…there is no one like him. He is a fantastic doctor, gentle, kind, caring and has a heart of gold. He does an amazing job. My family and I have known Dr. Zohn for over 40 years. We are fortunate to have such a professional like Dr. Zohn in the Jersey Shore area. When anyone needs a root canal specialist I highly recommend Dr. Ira Zohn.

- Rhonda K

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Patient Review By Angelo C

From the first phone call, to the end of the procedure, I was extremely impressed by the professional conduct. The doctor and staff reassured me that they will make my stay as comfortable as possible.Dr Thai was the best! She explained everything to me prior to my root canal. When I left I felt like I was family. Again,Thank you for everything!

- Angelo C

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Patient Review By Sandi S

The staff was very friendly and the procedure was painless. I would definitely recommend them for root canals and other procedures. Awesome experience!

- Sandi S

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Patient Review By Kimberly P

Dr. Pellicano and his staff were amazing. Words cannot express how grateful I am for them. I have had a significant amount of dental work and this is by far the best experience I have had. Dr. Pellicano was so kind and understanding. He is truly an expert in his field and should I need any further help, he will be the only doctor I will see for future procedures. I highly recommend him. They all really care about their patients!

- Kimberly P

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Patient Review By Thomas S

The staff was friendly,caring Dr.O was great .tried her best to make it as painless as was an emergency root canal,they got me in asap.made me feel comfortable as possible would recommend this office to anyone who needs root canal

- Thomas S

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Patient Review By Virginia B

The front staff were friendly and informative, Christa explained everything, She was .absolutely wonderful, I was nervous and Crista calmed me down. She said I would seen by Dr.Pellicano and he appeared. I called him a Gentle Giant. He explained the procedure. I had little discomfort. This was am office you could Brag about. I received excellent care. Virginia B

- Virginia B

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Patient Review By Nancy T

I was in need of a root canal. I was scared and nervous!!! Both Dr. Pellicano and and the dental assistant, I forget her name, we’re FABULOUS!! Dr. Pellicano fully explained everything that he was going to do prior to beginning the procedure in addition to how long it would roughly take. The Dental Assistant was considerate and kept asking during the procedure if I was ok. When the procedure was complete, Dr. Pellicano showed me on the X-rays exactly what he did, what the after care would be and how to proceed with my general Dentist to finalize treatment. Upon checking out, the receptionist was also very helpful as far as asking for insurance information and explaining the process. I am more than happy with the Advanced Endodontic group!!!! Thank you to the entire staff for making this scary situation easier for me. I will be sure to keep you on “speed dial” and refer this group to friends and family!!!!!

- Nancy T

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Patient Review By Maria M

I called on a Friday morning in a lot of pain and was told to come right in - no waiting at all! Everyone was super nice and explained everything to me, from billing to the procedure to post treatment instructions. I experienced zero pain at all during the procedure. Highly recommend Dr. Apolito and this practice!

- Maria M

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Patient Review By Kaitlynn C

Dr. Pellicano and his assistant Christa were excellent! Needing a retreatment Dr. Pellicano made me feel at ease during the entire process and was very thorough!

- Kaitlynn C

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Patient Review By Marina S

Dr Ostrometskaya is a root canal magician. Absolutely amazing experience. Than you very much!

- Marina S

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Patient Review By Ellen O

The front desk girls Jessica and Christine were amazing at the front desk. They got me right into the schedule with Dr. Apolito. This was my first root canal so I was a bit nervous , however Kelly and Sherly eased my anxiety!!! Dr. Apolito was able to do the root canal all in one visit with no problem!!! He was very professional and personable. I highly recommend AEA.

- Ellen O

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Patient Review By harold j

Dr Apolito was nothing short of amazing! Came in pain and left a short while later with my root canal complete! Funny guy, great Dr and fast! Leanne and Dr. Apolito are a wonderful team.

- harold j

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Patient Review By Alexis M

Painless & comfortable experience.

- Alexis M

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Patient Review By COLLEEN P

From the moment I called. I was greeted with care and concern for what my medical need was. Doreen was extremely helpful, and answered all my questions and scheduled an appointment immediately that day with Dr. IRA Zohn. Pam conducted the x-rays with ease. From the moment Dr Zohn came in to the room, he assured me everything would be pain free and I would be okay. God Bless You Dr Zohn. You are the BEST!!! Endodontist I have ever received treatment from. Your kind words and thorough explanation step by step gave me comfort in handling the surgery. I Highly recommend Advanced Endodontic Associates, PA. Ocean NJ. More physicians should provide such exemplary professional treatment. Thank you Dr Zohn Sincerely, Colleen P.


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Patient Review By Brenda

Great experience from the moment I walked in the office until I left. Very pleasant office staff, no wait, Dr. Apolito made a root canal experience better then anyone could expect. A true professional at his craft..

- Brenda

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Patient Review By Kathleen A

Christine at the front desk is very helpful and everyone in the office is friendly, efficient and professional. Dr. Apolito did a great job.

- Kathleen A

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Patient Review By Judy V

The doctor and staff made me feel so comfortable. Everyone was so nice and respectful.

- Judy V

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Patient Review By Tom Brennan

I was really in a ton of pain and Dr. Apolitical did an amazing job. I felt almost 100% better a 5 hours after the root canal.

- Tom Brennan

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Patient Review By Jason G

It was very quick, not rushed, but thorough and speedy. It was a pleasant experience with Dr. Apolito and the assistant Leanna was excellent. 10 out of 10!

- Jason G

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Patient Review By Janice D

So appreciated Dr Zohn's care and professionalism. He took the time to explain the entire procedure, which was, surprisingly, pain free!

- Janice D

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Patient Review By Jacquelyn C

I am grateful for how Dr. Pellicano and Dr. Ostrometskaya were very attentive, worked with urgency, and how they both really listened to my concerns and didn’t give up on the issue I was having. Everyone was so kind and patient. The staff including Chelsea, Leanna, Lauren, Debbie and Sue, were so welcoming and comforting with each visit. Im grateful for all of the care I received. Thank you!!

- Jacquelyn C

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Patient Review By Vincent P

I was treated well.

- Vincent P

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Patient Review By Maryanne K

Dr. Pellicano was terrific. He is a gentle, caring professional, who took the time to explain the procedure. I would recommend him highly. The reception people were very kind as well. My only issue is that when I checked out, I was informed that I had a balance from a prior procedure of $175. This was an unsuccessful root canal. I am not blaming anyone for that, but given the circumstances, I believe that it would have been an issue of good will to have forgiven that balance.

- Maryanne K

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Patient Review By Lorraine B

I highly recommend Dr O! She was wonderful! She explained everything thoroughly! The procedure was done beautifully! Everyone was incredibly kind and sweet! They took me as an emergency patient and I had truly had an excellent experience!!

- Lorraine B

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Patient Review By Ketav S

I had lot of pain in my tooth.I took an emergency appointment for Dr. Apolito and saw him.He took a X-ray and did couple of checks on my tooth and told me that my tooth is still not that bad that I have to go for root canal. And he was sooooo right. My pain was due to the big cavity filling done the previous week. Doctor told me that I should give at least 3 weeks to become pain free. I want to thank doctor Apolito - because of his advice I did not get the root canal done and able to save my original tooth. I really appreciate him.In future if I ever have to go for root canal I will get that done with Dr. Apolito.

- Ketav S

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Patient Review By michael k

Dr Zohn and Shirley were excellent. Considering I was there for a root canal, it couldn't have gone better. I would recommend Dr Zohn to everyone. His engaging personality and his unique ability to make a patient feel comfort in a time of stress is unmatched. I have been going to dentists for 60 yrs and this was by far, my best experience,

- michael k

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Patient Review By Kelly R

Dr. Zohn is friendly, professional and takes the time to explain exactly what he will be doing, which is very calming. My whole experience was pain free. I thank him for taking such excellent care of me!

- Kelly R

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Patient Review By Phyllis McCartin M

My procedure was an emergency arranged by my dentist. Everyone was especially pleasant and supportive. Although there was some difficulty getting me anesthetized the procedure went well. The follow up went much more smoothly and was much less painful. The restoration was completed and I feel great.

- Phyllis McCartin M

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Patient Review By Debra Q

I was scheduled an appointment the same day I called due to pain. My dentist referred me to this office. They were very pleasant and wanted to make me comfortable as I went through it unpleasant procedure. Although I am in pain a day later it is to be expected. They took x-rays before during and after the root canal to make sure everything was done perfectly.

- Debra Q

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Patient Review By Kathleen M

Excellent experience! I highly recommend!!

- Kathleen M

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Patient Review By Susan B

Everyone was friendly and patient. The office is very clean. I was told what they were going to do before it was done. I like to be informed of the procedure. Hopefully I do not need another root canal but if I do, I would certainly go back to them.

- Susan B

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Patient Review By Joe M

Incredibly knowledgeable and great in helping get through a dental emergency and save the tooth. I would recommend Dr. Pellicano to anyone needing an endodontist.

- Joe M

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Patient Review By daniel l

Excellent experience

- daniel l

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Patient Review By Zulmira

Great team

- Zulmira

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Patient Review By Jennifer M

My experience with the office and Dr. Pellicano was first-rate. The communication with the office was excellent. They got me in quickly for a consult and I got all of my questions answered. When I went in for the procedure I felt well cared for. There was a question about what work should be done and Dr. Pellicano was patient with me and allowed me to make a choice. Lastly, the tech at the office is great!

- Jennifer M

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Patient Review By Morgan V

Very satisfied with my experience with Dr Pellicano and the staff at Advanced Endodontic Associates. Doctor was kind, thorough and gentle, and the staff helped me feel very comfortable. Highly recommend!

- Morgan V

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Patient Review By Sharon n

I give Advanced Endodontist 5 stars , Dr Pallicano was great very calm and my root canal was painless. I will recommend Advanced Endo to all my friends and family.

- Sharon n

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Patient Review By Tom M

I felt it was necessary to post a review after my experience yesterday. My primary dentist had arranged for me to have an emergency visit to the Freehold office due to my constant pain that I was experiencing. The office staff at the desk were pleasant and accommodating. Thereafter I was fortunate to meet Dr. O. and her assistant Lauren. Following x-rays to include the 3d xray machine, together the two of them performed an emergency root canal. It was a tough procedure for me because it is difficult for me to breathe from my nose due to allergies. Several times throughout the procedure I needed to stop because of my breathing condition. In fact at one point I thought I was having an anxiety attack. Not once was Dr. O. or Lauren impatient with me knowing that my needing to stop the procedure several times only prolonged them from finishing. Instead they demonstrated comfort the entire time, repeatedly telling me that I was doing well and occasionally rubbing my arm to convince me. I must say that Lauren's bedside manner is beyond belief. She is truly an asset to your practice. The same for Dr. O. She was awesome! To think that I have never met either of them prior and for me to be treated in such a fashion was such a great feeling in a time of need. I thank both of them for their work and treating me the way they did. Amazing! Tom Manzo

- Tom M

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Patient Review By Zvi E

Ellen and Sue were very accommodating and courteous, despite the busy schedule. Dr. Yelena did a great job on the root canal while keeping it stress free. The hygienist was very patient and calming. Overall a great experience

- Zvi E

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Patient Review By jeffrey s

I have hated the dentist since i was a child....57 now and still feel the same way. I recently had my second root canal at this practice. All I can say is wow. Clean, professional, caring and painless. If you are putting off a visit out of fear come to this practice they are great and you won't regret it.

- jeffrey s

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Patient Review By Paul S

Dr. Pellicano was very attentive and very informative during my root canal treatment. He walked me thru the whole process, scans root canal and filling my tooth with a temporary filling. His staff was outstanding before during and after the procedure. I highly recommend Dr Pellicano for a root canal procedure. Thank you again.

- Paul S

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Patient Review By Joette D

I was referred to Dr. Ira Zohn by my dentist. Dr. Zohn was thorough, patient, kind, and informative . He examined my teeth and after considering and discussing each possibility, he advised me to wait and not to have the root canal at the present time. He is a gentleman and a true professional. I appreciate his honesty and care. I will definitely be going back when necessary. My heartfelt thanks to Dr. Zohn and his staff. This office is extraordinary!

- Joette D

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Patient Review By Emanuel C

I had to have a root canal on my back molar. Gina and Deana were wonderful and made me feel very comfortable. Dr. Apolito was Amazing! My treatment was painless, thank you very much Dr. Apolito!

- Emanuel C

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Patient Review By Ellen G

I was very nervous coming into the office for my procedure. I had only had one other root canal, and it was a complete disaster (done by another doctor). The staff was very warm and friendly and explained everything prior to it happening. Dr. Apolito walked into the room and immediately put me at ease. It was clear he had done a few of these, and told me exactly what to expect and what I would feel. He was on point! Once the Novocain took effect, I felt nothing! As much of a mess as the first root canal was, that was as good as this one was. I was slightly sore for a few hours, and then it was like it had never been done. I would HIGHLY recommend Dr. Apolito and his staff to anyone and everyone!

- Ellen G

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