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5 out of 5 stars based on 937 reviews

Patient Review By Jerry B

This is the 2nd Root Canal i have done with Dr Zohn and its nothing short of magic. In and out in quick time, totally painless with the best most up to date equipment and procedures. This office and Dr Zohn should be the 1st call anyone makes if they are having dental issues that require service. Also ,the assistants and the office is 1st class and very helpful !!

- Jerry B

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Patient Review By Michael P

I could not be more enthusiastic about providing feedback on my experience with Advanced Endodontic Associates. I had a root canal procedure done. Dr. Pellicano was the absolute best. Before the procedure, he showed me the cavity and the nerve on an x-ray. He patiently explained what needed to be done and why. He helped me relax by assuring me that I would experience no pain while he performed the root canal procedure. Dr. Pellicano's assistant, Donna, was kind, warm, and quite professional as she assisted with this procedure. If a root canal procedure can be done pleasantly, it could not be better done than by Dr. Pellicano and his assistant, Donna.

- Michael P

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Patient Review By Caroline G

My experience with Advanced Endo was wonderful! Would recommend to everyone!

- Caroline G

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Patient Review By susan m

Thank you so much to Jess at the front desk to Kelly the dental assistant to Doctor Pellicano! I called needing an appointment for what I believed was an infection in my gums and was put it right away! Upon visiting the office Jess was so delightful and helpful with all the paperwork and gave me out of pocket information regarding services I may need. Kelly the dental assistant was very gentle and thorough. I can’t say enough about Dr. Pellicano not only did he take his time and did a thorough exam he was extremely kind and caring. I would highly recommend Advanced Endo! Thank you to the Ocean office again!

- susan m

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Patient Review By Randy Z

i was referred here after being in severe pain and discomfort from a tooth that was in dire need of a root canal. i knew it needed one and i had put it off for years (due to not liking dental work)until it finally came back to bite me. x rays showed bone loss and damage to the root of the tooth. my options were root canal or pull the tooth. Dr. Zohn said if i were his son hed try to save the tooth. after it was finished i had to wait 4 months to see if the tooth and bone loss in my jaw would heal. x rays showed it healed great and i can now finish the procedure with a post and crown. im thankful for Dr. Zohn he saved my tooth.

- Randy Z

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Patient Review By Bryan W

Needing a root canal procedure is not what anyone wants, but the doctor and staff made the experience a good as it could be. They were able to evaluate and do the procedure in one visit. I was able to get back to work that afternoon. With issues that had to be addressed at work, the root canal was not even the worst part of my day.

- Bryan W

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Patient Review By adler s

very Professional

- adler s

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Patient Review By Mary P

Everyone is very polite and friendly, which makes you feel very comfortable. When calling for appointment, they were going to give me one in more than a week, once I told them how uncomfortable it was to drink anything hot or cold, they gave an appointment that day. Which was fantastic. Thank you all so much for taking exceptional care of me!

- Mary P

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Patient Review By Jane B

This is the 3rd time with Dr O. She is fantastic and very caring.

- Jane B

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Patient Review By Trisha S

AMAZING experience! I was in such extreme pain and needed a Root Canal asap, Dr. Zohn was so understanding and caring. He told me he would relieve my pain and it wouldn't hurt at all. He was so right! I didn't feel a thing! He explained everything he was doing and made me feel so safe. Dr. Zohn is incredible along with his Assistant and office staff, I've been telling everyone about him and the office. BEST DENTIST EVER!!

- Trisha S

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Patient Review By Anthony F

Dr O and her assistant are a wonderful team! caring, smart, aware, confident, top notch experts in this field!!! thank you so much for the light hands, music, and unbelievable bedside manner. Keep doing what you’re doing.

- Anthony F

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Patient Review By Michael W

Great overall experience and I would highly recommend

- Michael W

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Patient Review By Ryan Z

Very quick easy and painless

- Ryan Z

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Patient Review By Tom R

Overall I had a very good experience. Dr Zohn and the ENTIRE staff were friendly, courteous, and above all,professional.

- Tom R

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Patient Review By Steve K

My visit with Dr Zohm for a root canal could not have been any better. Painless and as easy as could be. Christine and the rest of the staff were excellent!

- Steve K

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Patient Review By Chris W

Dr. Ostrometskya and her assistant Stacy took such good care of me as an apprehensive and anxious first-time root canal patient. I truly appreciated their kind and efficient care that was pain free and quick! The entire office staff is lovely, professional and helpful! I would highly recommend Advanced Endodontics Associates for anyone that needs the best endodontic care! First class experience! I am so grateful for these amazing professionals!!

- Chris W

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Patient Review By Sandra B

Great experience! I called last Thursday after seeing my dentist who said I had an abscess and needed a root canal. I spoke with Amber who was wonderful and got me in that afternoon. Dr Zohn and Deanna were like a well oiled machine and I was out of there in about 90 minutes. And they were great to be around! Now 4 days later, the pain is almost 100% subsided. A big thanks to all!

- Sandra B

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Patient Review By Megan F

So efficient and kind! Thank you!

- Megan F

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Patient Review By Howard L

I was very happy with Dr Zohn he did a great job he saved the cap on my tooth. He was very gentle during my root canal. Overall my experience was very easy.

- Howard L

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Patient Review By Judith B

I was very nervous about having another root canal. My prior experience was based on the procedures I had done at the dental office that I had gone to for about 60 years. My last root canal had taken 2 days and I was physically exhausted from that experience as I had to travel over an hour each way for 2 days straight. I have since changed my dentist opting for one that is much closer to my residence. When he told me that I would need a root canal procedure, I was not happy. I asked him for a recommendation and was given a recommendation for this group. I scheduled my appointment in the Middletown office with Dr. Apolito. I was taken promptly and everyone from the receptionist to the surgical assistant to the doctor was extremely pleasant, respectful, and very courteous. I cannot find the words to fully express how thrilled I was with this appointment. I'm not saying that I love having a root canal, but Dr. Apolito was absolutely wonderful!! He constantly checked to see that I was ok as did his surgical assistant. I was totally done within an hour. I had not a single issue after the root pain, no swelling, absolutely nothing!!! I would most definitely recommend Dr. Apolito and the Middletown office if you need to get a root canal!!!! Should I ever need another one (I hope I don't have to), this is where I'm going without a doubt!

- Judith B

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Patient Review By Robin E

Staff was so nice and friendly.Dr Zohn was amazing! He is so calm and puts you at ease. He takes his time to go over everything and answers all of your questions. I would 100% recommend him!

- Robin E

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Patient Review By Deborah M

I would like to thank Dr. Pellicano for his professional and caring manner by taking care of my root canal procedure.I highly recommend him as he is a amazing endodontist! His assistants and office workers were wonderful.

- Deborah M

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Patient Review By John D

Dr Zohn is the best! I was super nervous prior to my appt, and had never had a root canal before - so I didn’t know what to expect. From the moment I was taken to the room for the procedure, Dr Zohn explained exactly what was going to be done and updates you step by step during the entire procedure. I felt ZERO pain, even afterwards! For anyone looking for a recommendation on an endodontist, I highly recommend Dr Zohn and his team - 100%!

- John D

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Patient Review By Thelma O

I highly recommend Dr. Zohn to family and friends.

- Thelma O

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Patient Review By Gab S

Doctor pellicano and ellen were so nice and explained everything they made a root canal easier than some of the teeth cleanings I've had there very nice and understanding front desk is also excellent

- Gab S

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Patient Review By Helen M

When you are nervous about an appointment everyone you meet impacts your visit. The person at the front desk was warm and friendly. She had a smile that helped me to relax. The assistant was an upbeat fun person....and the doctor had a friendly, competent air about him. They each played a part in making my visit for a root canal better than I could imagine. On the way there my thought was, I can't wait to be coming home. And now, after it is all over, I know if I ever need another root canal it is the only place I would go. It was an experience I am happy to share. Thank you to the entire staff that I had the good fortune to meet!

- Helen M

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Patient Review By ma L

Excellent. I highly recommend. We had an amazing experience Dr Zhon is a real professional and excellent Dr Would highly recommend

- ma L

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Patient Review By Ken A

I Had a root canal done last Wednesday By Dr.Thai..I am extremely pleased with the whole process. Dr Thai was informative and nice to talk to.The office staff was great and they worked to schedule me in during a difficult time.. I almost left the office due to time constraints then changed my mind And Dr Thai re-suitted up to do the root canal..I am so happy that I had the procedure done then. It was an Absolutely Painless Procedure! Nobody enjoys a root canal but I can attest from former dental work i have had done in the past that this root canal was by far the best experience I've ever had. If you are in need of dental work check them out and you will be pleased with the outcome. Thanks again Dr. Thai and staff members. Ken A.

- Ken A

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Patient Review By Garry S

Dr O and the surgical staff were amazing! I was nervous and worried they put me at ease answered my questions and were professional but also friendly and totally easy to work with and talk with. I definitely made the right choice. The office staff was also friendly and professional and easy to work with and explained everything to me

- Garry S

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Patient Review By Arwyn D

Excellent visit, and first class treatment. Thank you

- Arwyn D

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Patient Review By shawn e

I was treated so good, I was so nervous , But when I made the appointment the staff on the phone was so nice and calming , Then when actually at the office everyone was great, A++ all the way around. Dr. Apolito was awesome! he truly knows how to treat patients right and his staff and it shows!

- shawn e

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Patient Review By Ken K

My experience is a solid "10", top notch professional staff and Dr. O is amazing.

- Ken K

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Patient Review By Dena K

As a new patient, my root canal experience with Dr. Pellicano, Ellen (Asst) and the rest of the staff that day was wonderful. From the moment I called and then entered the office, the receptionist was friendly and efficient . Ellen and Dr. Pellicano were not only professional, but made the entire procedure as comfortable as possible. I will absolutely come back to Dr. Pellicano if another root canal is needed!! Thank you and highly recommend Dr. Pellicano!

- Dena K

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Patient Review By Murray W

Dr Apolito was incredible. I never had root canal procedure. I was nervous, scared and I was In a lot of pain. My Primary Dentist setting up this appointment under an emergency visit. Dr Apolito and the staff were unbelievable. I I knew I was at the right place with the right Dr. I appreciated the kindness, patience and great sense of humor the Dr and the staff provided to me. I needed all of that. Everything went well and I felt like I knew Dr Apolito my whole life, though I just met him. I hope to not need Dr Apolito’s services anytime soon, but if I do I know I am in good hands.

- Murray W

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Patient Review By Shelly C

The staff at the Ocean office was great, friendly, efficient and informative. Dr. Zohn is awesome. He explains everything and takes his time with you telling you what to expect during and after the procedure. Surprisingly, you still get in and out with no long waits in the waiting room. I had a great experience and this is from someone who has always been terrified of going to the dentist.

- Shelly C

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Patient Review By Brian H

Dr. Zohn was amazing, it was a painless root canal yesterday, with no pain last night or today! One nice change of pace for me was that he explained what was happening throughout the procedure. The new technology really allows for a relaxed session. Thanks Dr. Zohn!

- Brian H

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Patient Review By Sylvia C

This was by far the best experience at an endodontist (even if it is not something that one looks forward to). Dr. Pellicano and his staff were exceptional. I thank all of them for being so kind, efficient, caring, and just all around excellent at what they do. Dr. Pellicano, I cannot thank you enough!

- Sylvia C

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Patient Review By Jeff L

My visit to Advanced Endodontic was as pleasant as a going in for a root canal can possibly be. The entire staff was caring and helpful. I recommend Dr. Apolito and this office highly.

- Jeff L

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Patient Review By dave l

I was referred by my dentist and seen on the same day. Pleasant, professional staff and Dr. I couldn't be more pleased and any root canals in my future will be done here.

- dave l

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Patient Review By Kim D

I have severe anxiety and problems getting numb at most places. They were awesome here. I had to have 2 root canals done at separate times. Both times they made me feel comfortable and did a great job.

- Kim D

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Patient Review By Andrew H

If you need a root canal go no where else. The best of the best. I have had 3 root canals in the past and they were not nice. Dr Zohn and his assistant were the BEST

- Andrew H

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Patient Review By Michele L

Very proficient and professional

- Michele L

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Patient Review By Michael s

excellent professional service

- Michael s

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Patient Review By Daniel S

As always, Dr Zzohn and the entire staff were not highly professional and courteous.

- Daniel S

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Patient Review By Carlos Q

Leaving to Europe I fractured my molar 2 days before leaving and was in pain. Call them in the morning and they were able to accommodate me the same day. The staff, dental assistants were all very friendly and courteous. Dr Ostrometskya was fantastic. She explained what she would be doing and kept checking to ensure I was not feeling any pain during the procedure. Thank You Advanced Endodontics Associates.

- Carlos Q

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Patient Review By Rhonda K

We just left Dr. Ira Zohn‘s office…there is no one like him. He is a fantastic doctor, gentle, kind, caring and has a heart of gold. He does an amazing job. My family and I have known Dr. Zohn for over 40 years. We are fortunate to have such a professional like Dr. Zohn in the Jersey Shore area. When anyone needs a root canal specialist I highly recommend Dr. Ira Zohn.

- Rhonda K

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Patient Review By Angelo C

From the first phone call, to the end of the procedure, I was extremely impressed by the professional conduct. The doctor and staff reassured me that they will make my stay as comfortable as possible.Dr Thai was the best! She explained everything to me prior to my root canal. When I left I felt like I was family. Again,Thank you for everything!

- Angelo C

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Patient Review By Sandi S

The staff was very friendly and the procedure was painless. I would definitely recommend them for root canals and other procedures. Awesome experience!

- Sandi S

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Patient Review By Kimberly P

Dr. Pellicano and his staff were amazing. Words cannot express how grateful I am for them. I have had a significant amount of dental work and this is by far the best experience I have had. Dr. Pellicano was so kind and understanding. He is truly an expert in his field and should I need any further help, he will be the only doctor I will see for future procedures. I highly recommend him. They all really care about their patients!

- Kimberly P

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Patient Review By Thomas S

The staff was friendly,caring Dr.O was great .tried her best to make it as painless as was an emergency root canal,they got me in asap.made me feel comfortable as possible would recommend this office to anyone who needs root canal

- Thomas S

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