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Getting to the Root of An Apicoectomy

Just saying the word “Apicoectomy” is a mouthful! But don’t be put off by the name, it’s a simple and routine procedure that is effective in treating infections that may occur following root canal treatment. What is an Apicoectomy? Teeth are held in place by roots that reach into your jawbone. The tip of the […]

3D Imaging: The Standard in Endodontic Care

The future of dental imaging has arrived, right here in our office! 3D imaging is increasingly becoming the standard in endodontic care. In fact, from the endodontist’s office to the general practitioner’s, 3D imaging is rapidly changing the way that dentistry is performed. 3D Pictures for 3D Structures The structures of the mouth and teeth, […]

What’s in a Brand?

Everyone knows that developing a positive and effective brand is the key to a business’s growth. What is often less clear is how to actually create this brand, and what it specifically encompasses. A brand is a constantly evolving marketing strategy to entice people to want to buy your services, and in essence “buy into” […]