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Oral Bacteria: Get the Facts

We all have bacteria in our mouth, good and bad. But what exactly do these bacteria do? We’ve got all kinds of information on the role bacteria play in your oral health. Learn more about those pesky bacteria in your mouth!

Summer Travel and Oral Health

With summer just around the corner, there will be a natural uptick in travel! It’s important to have a plan in place to keep up with your oral health while you are on the go, not just while you are at home, so here are some simple tooth travel tips to help you keep your […]

Periodontal Disease and Pulpitis: The Link

Gum disease and pulpal infections are both unpleasant on their own, but did you know that they are linked? Many people don’t realize that one condition often leads to another, and that makes oral care even more important! We have all sorts of information about the connection between gum disease and pulpitis, so read on!