Root Canal Awareness Week

Never fear, root canals are here to save your teeth!

Root Canal Awareness, Tree BackgroundWe all know that the best treatment is prevention. Identifying and working against potential problems is always going to be a better case scenario than repairing damage that has already run its course. Thanks to modern technology and the high standard of care the dental community at large implements, we have the opportunity to find and prevent dental problems before they escalate.

However, we also know that prevention isn’t always 100% successful, and that no treatment is a one-way street.  Sometimes, the roots of your teeth become infected.  Without root canal therapy, you will likely lose that tooth eventually.   

This month is Root Canal Awareness month, so we are focusing on addressing concerns and  dispelling myths regarding endodontic treatment.  For example, many people are afraid of the pain associated with endodontic treatment.  However, root canal therapy actually relieves pain, it doesn’t cause it.  Most people can return to work the same day after treatment.

Stay tuned into our blog and social media channels to learn more about root canal therapy, and how it is saving smiles, one tooth at a time!